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Warning Signs You Have High Blood Pressure

Warning Signs You Have High Blood Pressure

Unless blood pressure rises extremely high, it usually doesn’t cause noticeable symptoms. That’s why hypertension is often referred to as a “silent killer.” Don’t rely on symptoms to alert you to high blood pressure. Have your blood pressure checked if you’re concerned about your levels.

At Burlington Medical Center, Sam Morayati, MD, provides comprehensive internal medicine care, which includes diagnosing and managing high blood pressure. Checking your blood pressure is simple, and if you have three consistently elevated readings, we can discuss the next steps. 

Why healthy blood pressure is important

Blood pressure refers to the force against your artery walls. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is crucial to your health. The higher above normal your levels are, the higher the chances of developing health complications. 

Blood flow carries nutrition and oxygen to all of your body's vital organs, including your brain and heart. Your heart pushes blood through your blood vessels each time it beats, allowing it to circulate throughout your body to all of your vital organs. 

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg on average. It is, nevertheless, okay to have a slightly higher or lower blood pressure. In general, blood pressure fluctuates during the day. Exercise, food, stress, and other factors can cause fluctuations. However, if your blood pressure remains high for an extended period of time, it puts additional strain on your arteries and heart.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can increase your risk of:

Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke. It’s imperative to keep your blood pressure within a healthy range to protect your heart health. 

Signs of very high blood pressure

If you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure and your condition is well-controlled, your risk of experiencing a high spike in blood pressure is low. However, if you have uncontrolled hypertension, it helps to know the signs of very high blood pressure. Here are some of the warning signs to watch for:

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience these signs related to severely high blood pressure.

Managing high blood pressure

Lifestyle changes are the first line of defense against high blood pressure. The following lifestyle changes can help to lower blood pressure:

In addition to lifestyle changes, Dr. Morayati may prescribe blood pressure-lowering medication. Rest assured that you’ll have an expert by your side to help you bring your blood pressure within a healthy range and keep your heart as strong and healthy as possible. 

If you’re making your heart health a top priority, we can help! Whether you’re concerned about risk factors like high cholesterol, or you need help changing your eating habits, we can provide guidance to help you succeed.

To get started, call our office to schedule a visit with Dr. Morayati or book your appointment online today. 

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